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8 Simple Changes That You Can Bring in Your Daily Life to Do Your Part in Reducing Waste


“Global Waste on Pace to Triple by 2100” such is the alarming state of waste in today’s world. An aware citizen will know the hazardous repercussions of waste on our precious planet.
As a resident of the planet earth, we as individuals need to understand our responsibilities and fulfill them with complete efficiency. We need to understand that our earth is in danger. The alarm has already gone off, if we don’t get up now, we might be late.
If you are wondering what you can do to do your share,for the starters, here are 8 changes you can bring about in your day to day life.

1. Shopping from second hand stores is a great idea. You can find some great finds and fulfill your duty at the same time. Reusing and recycling of clothes go a long way.

2. Pledge to yourself to reduce the use of plastic bags to the bare minimum and always carry reusable bags.

3. Hire skip bins from a company which disposes garbage responsibly. You can easily hire cheap skip bins in Brisbane.

4. Take your own coffee mugs and food containers to restaurants and coffee shops. Even if you buy one coffee a day, can you imagine that you will spare the earth of 365 disposable glasses in a year.

5. Get rid of unnecessary mails. Cancel all the unrequired mail subscriptions. Imagine the amount of paper you you would be saving?

6. Stop buying plastic water bottles; this is easily achievable. All you have to do is, remember to carry your water bottle wherever you go.

It is high time that we realize that we don’t own the earth and are nothing more than tenants here. So, wake up and take charge of your responsibility of your planet. Believe us, even these small steps will take us closer to a greener and safer earth.

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